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Broadband guide for new UK residents

Check out our guide on how to set up and manage broadband. Whether you’re new to the UK or not, you’ll find everything you need to know right here!

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7 Tips for moving home office

Moving your home office is not easy. However, there are some simple tips that can make your upcoming relocation smoother.

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Moving house or office in 2022: What to know

Things to know while moving house or office in 2022.

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House viewing checklist for renters

Check out this property viewing checklist and make sure you ask all the right questions. You don't want to miss any important details!

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Packing tips for busy parents

Looking for some packing tips for busy parents? Look no more, keep on reading.

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What You Need to Know to Successfully Set Up Electricity in Your New Home

Setting up a new electricity plan for your new home can save you money on your energy bills. Here’s everything you need to know!

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Moving from Alabama to the UK

Will you be moving from Alabama to the UK in the month to come? Then you need to remember a few key things about what’s to come.

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What is included in standard house cleaning?

Wouldn't it be nice for someone to take away the chores of standard house cleaning.

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Golden rules for moving abroad with kids

Moving abroad can be both exciting and worrying! But doing it with kids! Now this can be stressful, so take a look at our golden rules.

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Broadband and moving home

Moving home can be stressful. Don't let your broadband add to stress. Take a look at our guide.

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Salary to buy homes

Take a look at GoCompares interactive visualization which highlights the salary people need to buy a home in the major towns and cities across the UK

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100 Things to do in England

England is home to many beautiful cities and towns, with a whole host of things to see and do. Take a look at this list of 100 things to do in England and tick them off your bucket list!

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Moving during the coronavirus outbreak

If you're planning to move during the covid-19 pandemic, then make sure you read our article

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How to plan a move on short notice

Moving is stressful at the best of times, but imagine doing it on short notice!

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Benefits of hiring affordable movers

There are many benefits to hiring affordable movers. Take a look at our article to learn more.

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International moving insurance

When moving overseas, be sure to choose the right insurance for your move.

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Moving abroad 101

If you're thinking about moving abroad then you must read this.

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Office moving tips

Relocating your office can be a daunting task. Take a look at our office moving tips to ensure your move runs as smoothly as possible.

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Moving on a short notice - how to do it right

Sometimes circumstance may present themselves with a challenge, and indeed cause you to have to move home swiftly! Take a look at our advice on how to do it right.

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International removals - what you need to know

We all know how stressful moving house in the UK can be. Imagine what happens when you need to relocate your life to another country, maybe even continent!

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Moving out of your parents house - survival tips

At some point in your life you are going to have to flee the nest and move out of your parents house, fending for yourself in the world. Check out our survival tips here!

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Moving to Europe

When you live in one place for long, it's easy to become bored and complacent. Every now and again, everyone could use a shake and a wake-up call. And if you move to Europe, you're guaranteed to change your life in a big way....

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Office Relocation

If you've ever been in a position where you have to move or relocate a business, then you know it can be a lengthy and time-consuming process.....

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