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Packing service

The thought of having to pack up your entire house contents for your move is not only overwhelming and stressful, but if you have little experience in this field you can often find that many items are mispacked and damaged along the way.
Our team of professionals will expertly pack every item, ensuring the correct materials and procedures are used dependant on the particular item getting packed. This way, not only are all your belongings packed up ready to go and be transported safely, you can put your mind to other tasks at hand building up to your moving day and have one less concern to be stressed with!

Reassembling service

Don't worry if any pieces of your furniture are too big to move out of your house. We will dismantle everything making sure each piece and fixing is labeled and stored safe during transit. Once everything is delivered to your new home, we will put it all back together again. If you've ordered flat pack furniture from a retailer, we can send you our team over to put this together as well.

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In our kitchen packing service all glassware and crockery individually wrapped before being boxed in protective packing chips. Washing machines, Dishwashers, Cookers etc. can be unplumbed and plumbed back in again at your new address.(Remember, the kettle will be the last item to be packed! :))

  • Fragile items specially packed
  • Food items packed separately
  • Appliances unplumbed
  • Frozen items timed loading if possible
  • American Fridge-Freezers moved
  • Gas and Electric cookers installed

Bedroom Image


Our bedroom packing services include beds dismantled and set back up in their new home. Flatpack furinture and large wardrobes disassembled ready for transport and then reassembly at new address.

  • Wardrobes dismantled
  • Mirrors securely wrapped
  • Beds taken down
  • Chest of Drawers assembled
  • Clothes packed in specialist boxes
  • Mattress's protected with covers

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Living room

Our lounge packing services include boxing all your fims and music, dismantling large corner settee's and taking down any TV screens from the walls, removing brackets and refitting them at your new property.

  • DVD's, BluRays etc. boxed up
  • TV Screens protected
  • TV Brackets removed and refitted
  • Sofas dismantled where needed
  • TV Cabinets assembled
  • Equipment plugged in and set up

Dining Room Image

Dinning room

Dining room packing services consisting of removing table legs ready for transport, wrapping and protecting dining chairs, protecting and packing any china, ornaments and glassware. Dismantling of Welsh dressers ready for trasnport.

  • Remove table legs
  • Protect dining chairs
  • Protect and box any fragiles
  • Boxes clearly labeled
  • Lamps packed
  • Nuts, Bolts & other fixings safely stored


We are experts at packing your garden items. Normally a second van is used to pack all benches, chairs, pot plants, tools from sheds, kids slides and so on.

  • Pot plants moved
  • Trampolines dismantled
  • Childrens swings, slides moved
  • Shed & Garage tools moved
  • Sheds dismantled & Reassembled
  • Benches & chairs transported

Preparing Icon

1. Preparing

All fragiles securely wrapped, everything boxed and labeled, furniture dismantled and fixings stored safely.

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2. Collecting

Everything collected and loaded onto the van, strapped up and expertly stacked ready for safe transport.

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3. Moving

All your belongings moved to their new address and delivered to the correct room in the property.

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Removal tips

  • Get lots of good quality removal boxes and packing materials in ready.
  • Keep a 'survival box' close to hand which includes items such as tea, coffee, mugs, kettle and toilet paper!
  • Takes pictures of wires such as the setup of the back of your TV system so that you know where everything goes.
Packing and labeling
  • Keep an inventory list and mark it off as your removal team bring in your items.
  • Pack by room to make it easier for labeling.
  • Use a colour system to label your boxes and rooms in new house.

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