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Removals service pricing

Every removal service is unique. Some require packing services and furniture protection beforehand while others see the customer taking care of this before our team arrive. There"s lots of things to consider such as access for the van, if lots of steps are involved, if furniture needs dismantling and so on, which means we don"t have a definitive price we can display on our website. Once you have contacted our office and we have all the details of your move, we can provide you with a bespoke quote tailored to your requirements.

Video Survey

Get your removals quote

In order to quote for your move, we carry out a full home survey to ensure we are prepared to package and transport your belongings in the best manner.

For this, you will need a real-life Relocation Consultant, but in this day of modern convenience, we are able to carry this out virtually. Our video surveying allows you to get the same valuable insights as our traditional surveys, but without the hassle of scheduling an in-person appointment, which means you will receive your quotes the fastest way possible. All you need is a smartphone and then follow the methods below to get the video over to us:

  • Send it to us on WhatsApp at 07977 93 00 93
  • Email it to info@ravenhillremovals.co.uk
  • Upload it to a shared cloud and email us the link to access the folder

Once we have your video, we'll be able to collect key insights about your home to guarantee a smooth move from start to finish.

Payment terms

A deposit is required to secure your moving date. The moving service cannot take place until the deposit payment has been met. This can be paid by bank transfer, card or PayPal. Payment for work completed on the day is due immediately upon completion which can be paid by card, bank transfer, PayPal or cash to the driver. Deposits are non-refundable if less than 24 hours notice is given.

Booking your removal service

Booking your removal service with Ravenhill Removals couldn"t be easier, just follow the simple steps below, and once your date has been secured, you have one less thing on your mind to stress about!

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    Contact Us

    Call our office or fill in the contact form, let us know everything that you are moving, what items need special attention, the dates you require, what the access is like at all properties, if there"s any parking or toll charges and so on.

  • Packing Icon

    Packing Service

    Decide if you need our help to pack your belongings. If not, please check out the articles on our Blog page providing advice on correctly packing boxes.

  • Furniture Protect Image

    Furniture Protection

    All furniture needs protecting prior to moving with sofas and mattresses protected with appropriate covers. Do you need our help with this or do you intend on completing the task yourself? We have articles on our blog pages on how best to protect furniture.

  • Assembly Image

    Dismantling & Re-assembly

    Does any of your furniture require us to dismantle? If so, do you need us to put it back together again at your new address?

  • Booking Image

    Book date

    Once we have all the above details, you"ll receive your quote and can proceed to book your date. The deposit can be paid by bank transfer or card.

  • Pay Image

    Pay Balance

    You can opt to pay the full balance at the same time as your deposit so that it is done and out of the way with one less thing for you to worry about, but if you prefer, you can pay this off in instalments so long as the balance is cleared the day before your moving day.

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    Moving Day

    Today is the day! Our team will arrive, complete any preparation work beforehand if agreed on in the quote, load your belongings and then deliver them to their correct place in your new home.

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Moving tips

  • Make sure you book your date in good time.
  • Arrange for kids to stay with a relative or friend.
  • Ask a friend to look after pets, or at least keep them locked up out of the way.
  • Make sure all furniture is protected prior to moving.
  • Boxes should not be over packed.
  • Lampshades should be removed and packed in boxes.

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