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Stock Transportation

Ravenhill Removals provide professional and reliable stock transportation services to commercial customers all over the UK. We have worked with many of the big supermarket chains including Morrisons, Lidl and Aldi, hiring out our vans during busy times such as Easter, Christmas and New Year. Where one particular store might be running very low on certain stock items, another store may have a surplus to requirements, so our vans are on hand to pick up stock from one store and transfer it to another as quickly as possible to ensure none of their customers leave the store unhappy due to not being able to buy everything they need.

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Warehouse Deliveries

Merchandise is collected from warehouses and delivered to retail stores where needed. Any returns going the other way are organised and delivered to schedule. Materials collected from warehouses and delivered to commercial and domestic properties.

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Logging Stock

The transportation of stock is logged and photographed during pickup and delivery to keep track of movement between stores which is especially useful during multiple drops to ensure an accurate log of what has been delivered to which store.

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    Round the clock

    Deliveries available over a 24 hour period / 7 days a week

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    3.5 Tonne vans used to transport goods

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    Clean & hygenic

    Vans thoroughly cleaned inside before use

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    Vehicle tracking

    Keep up to date with your delivery

On demand transportation services

Deliveries can be booked as a one off service, or if multiple deliveries between stores is anticipated throughout the day, then you can book our vans out all day, with the driver staying at a certain store waiting for a call from a manager with instructions for the next delivery.

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Stock transfer tips

  • Plan a route with your driver.
  • Have an inventory in place.
  • Inform staff of transport plans.
Packing and labeling
  • Mark off each item upon delivery.
  • Ensure all food items to tranport are covered.
  • Label boxes with stores they are being delivered to.

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