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Professional, Reliable Moving Services

3 moving vans outside a house

What level of service can you expect from Ravenhill Removals?

Providing reliably excellent moving services since 2008, Ravenhill Removals have helped an immeasurable number of customers relocate their tresured belongings up and down the country, and even across the waters to Ireland and Europe.

When we take care of your move, you can be certain of a 5 star service from start to finish. All our staff members are polite, friendly and have an abundance of experience in the moving trade to ensure that every last item is handled and transported with care.

Take a browse of this article and see for yourself why the Ravenhill Removals crew have become the number one trusted and true choice for secure and efficient moving services . . .

Packing Services

If you are particularly short on time, or in need of help with the physically demanding aspects of packing and moving to a new house, then you may opt for our premium packing services.

Our fit and able packers will expertly box up your belongings with appropriate wrapping and adequate protective packaging, labelling all boxes as they go.

We will then move your belongings to your destination in a secure van, unload and relocate everything to the appropriate rooms.

Unloading a luton van

Dismantling and protecting furniture

Our team has been extensively trained in the correct procedures for dismantling and protecting your furniture, making sure your valuables are prepared ready for transport to a consistently high level, ensuring maximum safety whether you’re moving locally or over long distance.

dismantling and protecting a table

Dining table legs are removed, and everything bubble wrapped and shrink wrapped ready for moving. Dining chairs are wrapped to ensure no marks or scuffs occur to wood or fabric during moving.

Protecting dining chairs

Cabinets, sofas, chests of drawers and so on are all wrapped prior to moving, making sure that nothing is left to chance.

Wrapping settees for protection

Heavy duty covers used to protect sofas and armchairs.

Covers on Sofas

Beds are dismantled and mattresses placed in heavy duty mattress bags to keep clean and safe throughout the move.

Heavy Duty Mattress Bages

Where boxes aren’t available for TV’s, they undergo the same wrapping procedure and will be secured safely on the van with transit blankets for extra protection.

Protecting furniture

Protecting floors

There’s nothing worse than horrid weather conditions adding stress to moving day, especially when your carpets are subject to heavy traffic while our team unload.

This is why we carry rolls of floor protector in our vans to keep your carpets clean and muck free throughout the process!

Protecting floors and carpets

Working hours

We aim to get the job done, so if ever there is a delay on keys or a holdup over long distance due to traffic conditions, our team have been known to work past midnight to make sure all the customers items are unloaded without the need for another days rental on our vans, so unlike most other removal companies who have a cut of point of 5pm or 6pm, you can count on us to work unsociable hours, so your stress levels can be turned down a peg or two!

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House clearance tips

  • Allow half day to sort each room.
  • Find out what you can sell or donate.
  • Book your professional house clearance service.
Packing and labeling
  • Use traffic light system (Red = Keep, Amber = Sell/Donate, Green = Get rid of).
  • Estimate volumes of each room by imagining how much will fit in a builders skip.
  • Use a shredder to dispose of your details and keep safe from identity theft.

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