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Moving during the coronavirus outbreak

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When you decide to move you feel the excitement and stress and you plan your move carefully. But when you decide to relocate during a global pandemic, you will have to be extra careful and you will be under even more stress. Nowadays, many people are wondering if they should cancel or postpone their moving plans given that there are new cases of novel coronavirus reported daily in countries across the globe. However, there are situations in life when you can't postpone your move, and that's why we made a list of what to pay attention to when moving during the novel coronavirus outbreak.

What you should pay attention to when moving during novel coronavirus outbreak?

We all know how important it is to plan your move, but that goes double when you decide to move amidst coronavirus outbreak. During such a health crisis, you can't just plan a move on short notice. Apart from calling a moving company, you need to be well-prepared and have the right supplies for packing because you won't be able to run back and forth to the store. Buy all your supplies in one go, make sure you know exactly what you are going to need for your move. When moving during coronavirus outbreak pay attention to the following:

  • what moving company you are going to hire
  • how you will pack your belongings
  • making everything sparkling clean when moving during a novel coronavirus outbreak
  • ensuring that everybody is healthy

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How to choose the moving company amid coronavirus outbreak?

Fortunately, moving companies are currently permitted to operate, since they are considered to be an essential business. Still, you will have to find a moving company such as fourwinds-ksa.com, that will practice social distancing and comply with the recommended guidelines to keep you and everybody else safe. Like everybody else, moving companies have to follow safety measures during the crisis. Make sure that the moving company of your choice takes various steps to mitigate the risk of spreading the virus. All the employees in the moving company need to practice good hand hygiene, as well as wear masks and gloves. Then, they all have to frequently wash and sanitize their trucks and equipment. Finally, they need to greet customers without handshakes and from a reasonable distance. Do not forget to ask the moving company what steps they are taking to reduce the risk of spreading the virus while moving your belongings to another address.

How to properly pack your belongings?

Apart from following general recommendations for personal hygiene, cough etiquette, and keeping social distance, you should also pack your staff properly to reduce the chance of spreading the coronavirus while relocating to a new address. When moving, people often get used cardboard boxes from the stores. Try not to use old cardboard boxes, but instead buy a new one or use the one you already have. Given the fact that the virus can survive for a long time on surfaces, you should have your boxes packed and sitting untouched for at least a day before your movers arrive. If moving to a distant place like Saudi Arabia, you should sanitize your belongings and keep the items in sealed bags and boxes, and your furniture wrapped in a plastic that you can throw away when you arrive home.

Pay attention to clean everything when moving during novel coronavirus outbreak

Everything needs to be clean

Wherever you move, even if moving to Europe, you need to pay extra attention to your new home and thoroughly clean it before you move in. Of course, the previous owner may have put an effort and clean the home, but you can't rely on that. You need to make your new home sparkle and be sure that there are no germs left. Don't take any risks during the novel coronavirus outbreak and clean the home from the top to bottom one more time. If this is a normal situation, you would be able to find someone who will help you with cleaning, but during the health crisis, it is not advisable to let someone in your home. Therefore, you will have to roll up your sleeves and do the hard work of carefully cleaning every surface in your new home. Also, when your belongings arrive at your new address, remember to throw away the cardboard boxes and plastics that contained wrapped the furniture.

What to do in unexpected situations during a relocation in the middle of the health crisis?

In life, there are some unexpected situations, and they can be quite frustrating, especially when you are relocating during the coronavirus outbreak. When moving during a novel coronavirus outbreak, pay attention that you and everybody around you is healthy.

A woman wearing face mask

If, by any chance, during the relocation process you or someone in your family has coronavirus symptoms, you should immediately inform your moving company. Transparency is extremely important in situations like this, and it can keep everybody safe. Even if you have hired affordable movers, in most cases they will still work with you, but they will put additional protocols into place to protect their workers. Also, let them know if you are isolating due to exposure since the same risk-mitigating steps should be taken.

When moving during the novel coronavirus outbreak, you need to be smart, follow all of the standard pandemic rules, and pay attention to how you plan your move. You should all find a silver lining in this situation and remember that it will be over soon. Until then, stay safe during your move.

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