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How to plan a move on short notice

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There are few things in life that are as stressful as a short notice move. Not only do you have to deal with issues that plague regular relocations, but you also have little time to do so and no room for mistakes. So, what to do? Should you jump straight into packing and hire the first mover that is willing to move you? Of course not. To plan a move on short notice properly you need to calm down and use the time you have wisely. And, most importantly, avoid mistakes. So, let's not dilly dally, and let's see what last-minute moving is all about.

Plan a move on short notice

The first thing you need to do is to stop panicking. If you are not panicking, great! But, if you are, try to calm down and relax. Once you do that, you need to consider the time you have and organize it properly. Following a tight schedule and multitasking will be what pulls you through this. So, here is what you'll need to do.

Finding movers

In order to plan a move on short notice, you will first need to find reliable local movers. Do not even consider doing this by yourself, as it is bound to fail. So, go online and see which are the most experienced, well-rated movers in your area. Now is not the time to be thinking about affordable movers as your relocation is going to cost quite a bit, whether you like it or not. What you need are experienced movers who will know how to help you with your situation. With their help, you will avoid numerous mistakes and make your relocation actually possible. Just make sure to verify that your movers are honest and trustworthy, and processed to contact them.

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Planning your relocation

Once you sit down with your movers, explain to them your moving situation and your budget. If they are to plan a move on short notice, they need to know everything right away. So, before they come, you should make an inventory list of all the items you have to move. Also, make sure that you have all the necessary information written down for them. The sooner you can get them to start tackling your relocation, the better.

Dealing with packing

In 90% of the cases, a person can pack themselves for relocation. True, they might need to follow a packing guide to do so. But, with enough time and with good packing supplies, they are more than capable of properly packing. Well, notice that we mentioned ample time. Last-minute moving falls into the 10% where it is better to hire professionals to pack you.

Packed boxes

So, when you plan a move on short notice, make sure to leave room in your budget for packing services. You simply don't have enough time to be running around and getting packing supplies. Your movers will pack your fragile items properly and avoid spills and leaks when packing your fluids. Therefore leaving more time for you to deal with other aspects of moving.

Dealing with paperwork

The thing you will have to deal with is the paperwork. First off, we recommend that you go online and see which paperwork you will need in order to move properly. International moving, long-distance moving, local moving... All of them require different paperwork. So, you need to know what you are dealing with and get to it while your movers are preparing for your relocation.

Also, make sure that you carefully read your moving contract and get moving insurance. Make sure that you do this with necessary attention and thoroughness, as most moving scams happen because people simply don't pay attention. So, do yourself a favor and keep an eye out when dealing with moving-related paperwork.

Final tips

If you followed what we've outlined, you should be able to plan a move on short notice with relative success. All that remains now is how to deal with moving day and the days that lead up to it. The good news is that the moving day will come soon. But the bad news is that those days will be filled with stress. So, to help you deal with last-minute moving properly, let us go over a couple of things you should look out for.


Stress is the most common cause of moving mistakes and accidents. Due to one reason or another, people get stressed out and they want to hurry whatever moving task they are dealing with at the moment. If you are trying to plan a move on short notice, this will lead to an oversight that can easily ruin your entire relocation. So, do yourself a favor and try to stay calm and collected throughout the relocation. And, since it is a last-minute relocation, there is going to be a lot of stress. If you feel the anxiety building up and you start rushing, take a moment to relax. Sometimes even five minutes can make a world of difference.

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Avoiding moving scams

Another thing to keep an eye out for are moving scams. Namely, there are a lot of moving companies that won't shy away from taking advantage of your situation. They can easily charge you a bill for services that they didn't provide, or they can talk you into signing a bad moving contract. Not to mention that they can take your possessions hostage and then ask for a substantially higher price to give them back. The ways in which a bad moving company can take advantage of an absent-minded customer are endless. Especially if they are stressed out. So, do whatever is necessary to ensure that you have reliable movers working for you. Remember, you don't have enough time to change them. So you better make sure that the first ones you pick are top-notch.

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