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Broadband and Moving Home

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Broadband and Moving Home

Broadband and Moving Home

When you’re moving home it’s important not to forget about the broadband connection. Leave it until the last minute, and you might encounter extra costs and a delay in installation.

With this guide, we’ll explain what to do about internet access when going to a new address, so you can minimise your costs and reduce the amount of stress on your moving day.

Moving home and broadband: should you switch or stay?

If you’re already happy with your current broadband service, then there is not necessarily any need to make changes. In many cases, you will find that the provider is able to offer the same service at your new home (though, as we’ll explain below, that may not always be true).

But if you’re unhappy with some aspect of the service, or you’re thinking about an upgrade, then moving home is a good time to evaluate your current broadband service and see whether there’s a better deal.

Before you do anything else, contact your internet service provider (ISP) and ask for the following information:

  • How long is left on your contract.
  • How much it might cost to cancel your broadband service.
  • How much it might cost to move your broadband service.
  • How much notice is required for either cancellation or moving the broadband service.

Armed with this info, you can decide the next move. Cancelling might not be the best choice right now if you’ve got lots of time left on the broadband contract and face paying a large early termination fee. But if you’re out of contract, then you’re free to switch.

It’s crucial to make a note of the notice period required for either cancelling or moving, as leaving this late can mean extra costs, a delay to installation at the new home, and might block the line for the new occupant of your current home.

Availability at your new home

As well as getting info about your current broadband deal, look into broadband availability at the new address. There is no guarantee that the same type or speed of broadband is available; you might find that the internet slower. Or you could have an opportunity to upgrade to an even better deal.

Use an online postcode check to see what kind of speeds and deals are on offer. Your existing provider can also check (just call customer support and ask) but they will only tell you about the availability of their services, so it’s a good idea to use an online postcode check as well so you get the full picture.

Sometimes, your existing provider will be unable to offer service at the new home. In that situation, they may release you from the contract without penalty, but be sure to check with them ahead of time to find out their procedures.

Moving and keeping your broadband provider

If you’re going to keep the same provider, then you need to contact them within their minimum notice period to tell them your new address. They will then arrange to have service cease at your current address and installed at the new home.

The broadband will stop working at your old home as close to the moving date as possible and should be up and running at the new home within a few days of your arrival.

You’ll be notified of time scales when arranging for the move. If there is a reason that you need the work carried out on a different date, then you must tell them as soon as possible.

If any engineer visits are required, you’ll need to ensure that someone over the age of 18 is at home during the day.

Moving and switching your broadband provider

To get a new broadband provider, you’ll need to first notify the old ISP of the date you want your current service to end. You must do this within their minimum notice period to get them to cancel by the day you move out.

For your new broadband service, sign up for the deal ahead of time as installation usually takes around 14 working days.

The ISP will often be able to arrange for installation on or very near the day you move in, although it is not guaranteed. If you don’t mind waiting a couple of days for internet access, it might be easier to delay installation until a few days after you move. In the meantime, you can use a mobile broadband dongle or smartphone Wi-Fi hotspot to get online.

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