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How to disassemble bulky furinture for your move

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How to Disassemble Bulky Furniture for Your Move

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Any type of relocation requires detailed preparations and a thorough strategy. Moving abroad is far from an easy thing. If you’re reading this, it probably means that you’re either considering relocating to another city, country, or even continent, or you’ve already made up for mind about proceeding with this big step. This is a process that entails many factors – preparing your family for the move, packing your clothing items, as well as household items. When it comes to furniture, the endeavor gets even more tricky. You’ll have to disassemble and reassemble your furniture, protect it, and prepare it for the move as best as you can, to avoid it getting damaged before it even reaches your new home. Don’t despair – we prepared some advice for you on how to disassemble bulky furniture for your move.

Downsize first – get rid of furniture you don’t need

Before you begin thinking about how to disassemble your furniture – ask yourself if every piece of furniture you own is worth taking along with you. Surely enough, you may think of it as indispensable because you are so used to having all your furniture around, but take a moment to think realistically. Consider the moving costs – the movers will charge based on the weight of the items they are moving. You’ll need to make up your mind whether your larger furniture is worth spending more money on. Besides, keep in mind that some of the bulkier items may not even be able to fit through a doorframe. The best you can do is to take some measurements beforehand – of the furniture and the doorframes, in order to ensure that transporting those pieces is even possible.

Sell what you no longer need

If a piece of furniture is too bulky to be taken with you, there is still probably someone who would love to have it. Get rid of what you no longer need – and earn some money in the process.

Throw out the furniture you don’t have a use for

There is no point in holding on to something just because it holds a sentimental value. Moving to a new home means entering a new phase in your life, so you might as well muster up the courage and say goodbye to some things from your old house.

Gift it to your friends or family

Before throwing away your furniture, ask your friends and family if they need it – you could make someone happy by gifting them a piece of furniture in good condition that you no longer need.

Take special care of the expensive items

This probably goes without saying, but you’ll want to take special care of your most precious and expensive furniture items. As we mentioned, the first step is ensuring that you need these pieces in your new home. Yes, that couch looks beautiful, and you paid good money for it – but is it worth taking along? You might be sure that you will not have enough space to fit the furniture in your new house, and you want to proceed with taking it along. In this case, it’s essential to protect your valuable pieces when preparing expensive furniture for storage before attempting to relocate them. In order to learn how to do so, we advise you to read up on some ways to prepare expensive furniture for storage.

Protecting expensive furniture items with bubble wrap

Make sure that piece of furniture needs disassembling

By now, you’re probably starting to get worried about having to disassemble all of your furniture before your move, but let us stop you right there. Good news – not all of your furniture will need dismantling. In order to find out whether a specific piece of furniture needs to be taken apart or not, you’ll have to do some measuring. If you determine that the doors and halls are wide enough for the furniture to fit through, then there’s no point in disassembling it. Additionally, some pieces may not even be possible to dismantle. Don’t force it – we don’t want you to damage or break your precious items. In case you find yourself feeling stuck, you can always contact affordable movers to get some assistance.

Don’t avoid asking your friends or family for help

Don’t feel down in the dumps if you aren’t confident about disassembling the furniture by yourself. This is not a common skill – if anything, it’s a hard one, given that it entails having physical strength, being handy with different tools, and having some knowledge about disassembling points. If there is someone you can ask for help in this process, call them. We’re sure you’ll find that there’s someone in your friend circle that had already gone through a similar process or someone handy with tools. After all, teamwork makes the dream work.

Friends moving a bulky piece of furniture together.

Hire professionals to dismantle your bulky furniture

Even though you may want to avoid spending money to hire professionals to help you, we invite you to assess the situation and determine if it’s necessary to do so. It may be better to invest some money if it means that your precious furniture items will get to their final destination safe and sound than to attempt doing something that is way beyond your abilities and skillset and risk damaging or breaking your furniture in the process. If you come to the conclusion that it’s a bit overwhelming to tackle the disassembling task by yourself, some moving companies offer a packing and dismantling service. Hiring professional movers to help you with this task is a decision that is entirely up to you, so make sure you weigh out the pros and cons of doing so.

Moving company van.

If you follow the pieces of advice mentioned in this guide on how to disassemble bulky furniture for your move, the process will most likely be less stressful and difficult for you. Remember that asking for help is not frowned upon – all of us need some assistance in our lives, especially if we are going through a big change, such as moving. Take your time, and we wish you the best of luck.

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