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Convincing Reasons to Declutter Your Home Before Moving

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Convincing Reasons to Declutter Your Home Before Moving

A man covered with cardboard boxes.

Every psychologist, organizing expert, and life coach will tell you that decluttering your home is essential for getting your whole life in order. Unfortunately, no one denies it is a lot of work. Most of us put it away as long as we can. We are constantly making up many creative reasons why today is not a good time to do it. But there are some convincing reasons to declutter your home before moving. Some of them may get you to do this annoying but liberating task.

You would be going through your stuff

Moving requires you to pack everything, meaning you must go through all your belongings. Since you are doing that already, adding some decluttering along the way is natural. Instead of mindlessly putting all your clothes into boxes to be taken to your new place, just pay attention to your belongings. Consider whether you need that scandalously short skirt you are waiting to lose enough weight to wear. And how about your 15 potato peelers? Are they all necessary? Are you going to organize a group potato peeling? Unless this activity is part of your unusual bonding with friends, select e few to keep and eliminate the rest. Use the opportunity of packing to direct some of the stuff you don’t need away from the next stage of your life.

Two people filling boxes with stuff.

It’s like a home detox

If a home were a living organism, clutter would be all those toxic substances clogging its systems. It negatively affects both the appearance of your home and its sanitary features. Dirt hides wherever it can to survive as long as possible, and dirt has many potential locations to thrive unnoticed when you cover half of your home with all sorts of stuff. Don’t let it happen that way. Give your home a detox. Not only will you be doing your old house a favor, but you will be ensuring a much healthier life in your new one. Cleaning will be easier, and moving around will be easier, apart from other more complex benefits decluttering brings.

Taking fewer items with you means smaller relocation costs

Regarding relocation costs, it is not the same whether you need a single van to transport your belongings or two or three. That said, bear in mind that keeping your clutter will cost you. No one says you should throw it all out, but think hard whether you like all your multiple copies of the same item so much to be paying for their trip to your new place and wasting your precious storage space on them. You should get rid of the unnecessary, especially when it comes to your home storage. That is the most likely point in your house where clutter gathers the most. Inspect all corners of your home and decide if you will let it cost you.

If you choose to declutter your home before moving, you might even make some money

The items you have not been using for two or three years are usually never used again. That leaves a few options regarding what happens next to them. First, they may end up occupying space in your new home. Second, the trash is their final destination. Third, they can become your unlikely source of income. Try to sell them online or at a yard sale. Extra money is always welcome, more so since you are in the process of moving. Those projects usually cost a lot, and your decluttering money will quickly find its purpose.

A person holding dollar bills.

You will be creating a lifestyle where you waste less time

Clutter wastes your time daily. And time is a precious commodity these days. Busy parents that work know this all too well. But when you have too much stuff, navigating your home becomes an obstacle course. You cannot do much about the sea of toys but pray for your poor feet. However, all the rest is manageable. All activities get done faster in a tidy home, including packing for your impending move.

You will be able to start your new life much sooner

Speaking of time wasting, putting less stuff into your new furniture takes way shorter than if you had tons of whatnot. That can be especially handy if you are moving on short notice. Getting a dream job in another city can be a situation that requires fast reflexes for relocating. A decluttered wardrobe that has some order to it gets unpacked super-fast. Suddenly, before you know it, you have transitioned faster than light and will quickly forget what you left behind, at least regarding your belongings.

A decluttered home is a tidy home

Finally, by definition, in a tidy home, there’s no clutter. The tidier your home, the bigger the chances your mind is also in order. In the human mind, emotions and external stimuli share a strong bond. When you are visually encountering chaos, especially if it is an everyday event, your thoughts start racing, and your brain activity becomes frantic. That type of stress is in no one’s best interest, so do whatever you can to avoid it, and decluttering is one of the easy pills to swallow. A tidy living space gives the analytical, logical part of your brain the necessary satisfaction and relieves stress. Something like that is pleasing to experience before engaging in relocation.

A tidy dining room you can have at your new place if you declutter your home before moving.

Final thoughts

In truth, it’s not that there are good reasons only to declutter your home before moving. Whenever you declutter, you’ll be happy about it. That act silently affects every aspect of your life as the clutter directly affects the state of our minds. Therefore, declutter as soon as you can.

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