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Packing tips for busy parents

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Packing tips for busy parents

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We can all agree that moving is a stressful and complex process. You have to sell the current home, find a new one, pack up your belongings, transfer them to your new address, etc. However, when you add moving with children and busy parents to this already long list of moving-related tasks, things get even more complex and stress-provoking. Besides worrying about your home and belongings, you also have to worry about the well-being of your little ones, which is a major task. But, do not worry; we are here to help you out. Today, we will talk about some of the crucial moving and packing tips for busy parents. Thus, if you are a busy parent who has to move house soon, keep reading.

Have a Family Meeting

Before packing up your belongings for relocation, it is crucial to have a family discussion. Thus, prepare your family's favorite meal, set up the table, arm yourself with patience, and call everybody for a meeting. First, talk to your children and explain why this move is necessary. Prepare them mentally before anything else - that is a golden rule for moving abroad with kids.

Then, once everything is explained (and hopefully understood), start discussing the packing processes. Ask your little ones what they want to bring with them and what can be left behind. Trust us; you do not want to give away your child's favorite toy or book right before moving. Also, ask your children if they wish to participate in the actual packing process, too - this will make them feel included and important. It will also make them busy while you tackle other packing-related work.

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Gather Packing Materials in One Go

One of the most important packing tips for parents we can give you is to buy proper packing materials and buy them in one go! Do not try to cut corners on this one and look for alternatives to boxes, bins, etc. If you want to move quickly (and safely), you need proper packing supplies. You can get them from your local movers, a hardware store, or a stationery shop.

Moreover, if you want to save some more time (and money), it would be a good idea to buy all of your packing supplies in one go. So, try to assess how much stuff you have and then create a list of packing supplies accordingly. Let us help you out with that too. All packing tips for busy parents moving abroad say that you need the following:

  • cardboard boxes and bins
  • packing paper
  • plastic wrap
  • packing peanuts
  • duct tape and scissors
  • permanent marker (for labeling)
  • dolly (for heavy lifting)

How to Pack Properly and Quickly

We cannot talk about the packing tips for busy parents without mentioning how to pack your belongings. It is relatively easy - you can either follow our directions or hire affordable movers to do the packing for you. If you decide to go about it yourself, we advise you to pack room by room and pack similar items together. For instance, put toys with toys, books with books, etc.

If you have some fragile items, it would be best to wrap them in packing paper and plastic wrap before placing them in a box. Moreover, do not forget to seal every box with several layers of good-quality duct tape and then label it with a permanent marker.

These are the simplest and the shortest packing tips for busy adults, but the truth is, there are any more tips and tricks that can save your time. Thus, do some research on your own too!

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Hire Professional Movers and Packers

We have mentioned that you can either do everything yourself or hire professional movers and packers. The first option is cheaper but a lot more time and energy-consuming. The second option is, of course, more expensive, but it is an excellent option if you do not have the time, energy, and nerves to deal with all the packing and relocating. And, especially if you do not want to deal with this during winter - think about it - the weather is cold and wet, the children have runny noses, and you have to pack and carry tons of boxes all day long. If you want to avoid this situation, do yourself a favor and hire professional movers. They can take care only of packing or do all the moving-related tasks you have - it is up to you.

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Do Not Forget to Pack an 'Essentials' Box

One of the last but certainly not least packing tips for busy parents we will give you is not to forget to pack your 'essentials' box. This box (or bin, or bag) can be a life-saver, especially when relocating with children, or even worse - when moving with your family on short notice. So, without further ado, let us explain what this box is all about. Namely, in an essentials box, parents should put all those things that their children (and themselves) might need during the relocation process. That is, during the actual moving day and the day after the move. For instance, you should put the following in it:

  • Your children's favorite toys and books
  • Electronics and chargers
  • Change of clothes and shoes
  • Food, water, snacks
  • Important documents

With our packing tips for busy parents, you will deal with this arduous task in no time. Planning is your best friend always, and when it comes to moving with your little ones, it goes doubly!

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