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About Ravenhill Removals

Back in 2008, Mark Ravenhill bought a van and began helping customers move their furniture from one place to another, thus, Ravenhill Removals was born!

The company is based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, and back then, removal services were carried out locally. Over time, the business expanded, more vans were brought in, staff added to drive the vans and now, removal services are carried out right across the UK!

We help people from all walks of life, relocate from one city to the next, for all sorts of different reasons and find that over the years, many of our customers have returned to us on more than 1 occasion to help them move somewhere else! The business has been built up and our reputation has meant countless recommendations to help others move their belongings.

We help a lot of business's move their offices to new premises, and even gone in to move a few items from 1 office to another in the same building.

We regularly help a lot of supermarket chains transport stock from one store to another during busy periods of time and have been helping the Aldi stores move their stock since 2011.

Unlike the big removal companies that use 7.5 tonne trucks and bigger, we can do the same job using 3.5 tonne trucks and find that this costs less than half the price for the customer. We can do several runs in 1 van if the distance between properties isn't too far away, or send 2 or more vans if it's over a long distance or the customer needs to be loaded up before the new tenants move into their old property.

We have strong, fit members of staff with years of experience in the removals industry providing the expert touch when it comes to handling heavy, awkward or fragile items. Give us a call today to discuss your removal plan with us.

About the owner

Hello, I am Mark Anthony Ravenhill, the founder of Ravenhill Removals. I am originally from an I.T background since leaving school, and worked in this industry for around 15 years until the recession hit everyone big time in 2008 causing so much chaos and disruption to a lot of business's. There was no longer any work for me in the I.T. trade due to many companies being forced to shut down, so I decided to take up a difference aspect of work, bought a van and started working for myself in the removal industry and I've never looked back!

I did run a property business for 6 years at the same time as working in I.T., so gained a lot of experience moving furniture between my portfolio of properties, but this company was shut down in the recession also.

One of the many things I did whilst setting up Ravenhill Removals was to enroll at a local college in which I achieved a Business Management qualification along with a Responder First Aid Course which contained the following elements;

Incident Management, Initial Assessment, ABC of Life, Recovery Position, CPR, Control of Bleeding, Dealing with Fractures, Poisoning, Epilepsy, Heart Attacks and Asthma

It's always handy to have a knowledge of first aid when you're out on the road all day long dealing with lots of different people. You never know just who might have the next heart attach when you give them the removal bill! (only joking! :))

Once I'd completed those courses, I enrolled at a different college and began to study as a Painter and Decorator, studying for a Level 2 Diploma in Painting and Decorating over 2 years followed by a further years course on an NVQ Level 2 for Commercial Painting and Decorating. During this time I also set up another business called Raven Decor, which I run alongside the removal business.

Why Ravenhill Removals?

So, the biggest question is why should you choose Ravenhill Removals to conduct your removal service?

Large 3.5 Tonne Vans

We use large 3.5 tonne vans so are bigger than some of the smaller Man and Van removal companies dotted about but we aren't as large as the big removal companies such as Pickfords and Britannia, meaning we have less overheads and we can pass the savings onto the customer which is usually at least half the price you would pay hiring a 7.5 tonne truck.

Professional, Trustworthy and Friendly Service

Everyone at Ravenhill Removals is professional, polite and above all friendly. We've had many customers in the past tell us how horrific their past removal experiences have been with other companies. We've had reports of grumpy removal men who grunt and refuse to take things up stairs because it's too much work for them! We had one customer tell us that a Man and Van service pulled up, and just slung everything into the back of his van. No stacking or securing of anything, hence everything got damaged along the way! You'll never find a poor service like this from us, we take pride in our work and the upmost of care with peoples belongings.

Mission Statement

Ravenhill Removals have a simple missions statement:

To exceed the expectations of our customers in respect to value, service & quality!


I hope the above has left you with a good impression of Ravenhill Removals. Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like some advice about an imminent move. We look forward to having the pleasure of working with you.

Mark Anthony Ravenhill

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